Services: Planting Design, Plant Sourcing and Planting Up.

The customer was in a newly purchased property which was on a very steep slope, meaning that the driveway and garden caused difficulties for off road parking, accessing the house (up some very steep and slippery steps), and being able to create an attractive garden from the roughly turfed space.

The issues of the sloping site were solved by the client and their architect, where a scheme to terrace the lower area for covered parking and additional flat off road parking spaces was created.  From a garden perspective the design needed to define suitable planting areas and select suitable plants to soften the look and feel of the hard landscaped parking area and retaining walls.  The customer also wished to incorporate a ‘living sedum roof’ for the car port.

The planting was chosen to reflect the client’s preferences for an informal feel, using pastel colours and including a lawned area on the upper terrace,  attractive raised beds, an ‘Orchard’ area with fruit trees with meadow mix under planting.  The sloping banks needed specific plant selection to create evergreen and flowering mat forming areas to stabilise the soil and provide year round interest. Trailing evergreen and flowering perennials were included to help to soften the look of the dominant rendered retaining walls.

This garden is now newly planted with the evergreen shrubs and perennials to create the ‘backbone’ of the garden.  Additional planting will be undertaken over the coming months to add more colour using bulbs, flowering perennials and annual plants.

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