From our initial Project Kick Off meeting, I will write up a summary of my understanding of your ideas and wishes for your garden which I will email or post to you as required.  You will then be able to amend and add any additional thoughts and ideas, plus any ‘must have’ notes to the list.  This will become our joint ‘brief’ for the garden or planting design and you have the final say in its contents.



Based on your ideas and wishes, I will draw your garden plan to scale using either the details from the site survey or from a pre-existing plan of the plot or garden.  I will then take my review of the existing garden situation (including site conditions and any constraints), your ‘wish list’ and come up with two tailored ideas drawings for your garden.






I aim to provide two ideas drawings which will both meet, yet may slightly challenge your ideas for the garden, where you will be able to ‘mix and match’ elements to create the ideas for your final garden design plan.






I will usually include a supporting document which contains images of some of the features and ideas I have included in the garden design drawings.  Some of these may be pictures that you have provided and may have been included in the ‘Client Brief’ document.




We will then have a meeting to review the ideas designs, where you will then have the choice to proceed with the design process to a final design drawing or to take the ideas drawings and carry on the process yourself.

If you chose to proceed with the next stage of the garden design process, it will include the creation of a final design drawing and may also include planting plans, construction drawings, project management,  plant sourcing and planting up as required.

For more information about the design services that I can offer, please contact me for more details or by calling me on the numbers shown below.

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