Customers may have asked me to create a Planting Design for their garden as part of the garden design process.



Using the findings about the gardens characteristics from the Project Kick Off meeting and the client brief that we have built around your likes and dislikes, I will be able to research plants which will be most suitable for your garden situation and will fulfill your preferences in terms of the types of plants to include in the planting scheme.


I will usually include a cross reference document which includes pictures of the recommended plants along with details of their flowering details, mature plant sizes and other characteristics of interests.




This will include selecting and recommending suitable pants that will meet the specific conditions of your garden including soil pH, size of the garden and other physical factors as defined in the Project Kick Off meeting. A detailed planting plan will be drawn up to show specific plants that have been selected and their location in the new planting design.





You may then ask me to source the recommended plants from reputable wholesale and specialist nurseries as required in order to create your desired planting look and feel in the garden.


For more information about this Planting Design service, please contact me or call me on my landline or my mobile number shown below.


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