Plants that Changed the World …. or tried to !

This talk covers some of the plants we have probably come across in the past that have had a major economic impact on the world, some that we may have forgotten about and some we may not have known that tried hard but didn’t really succeed.  The talk includes;

This talk is an overview of some of the plants which have influenced mankind over the centuries, a selection of those we may have forgotten about and a few that have tried hard over the decades to make an impact on our lives but have still failed to succeed.

Starting with some established favourites including tobacco, rubber and potatoes, the focus moves to the plant causing the failure of James I attempt to have an economically viable English supply of silk and some other valuable plants we have probably forgotten about.

The review end with a look at some plants which have tried hard over the years to change our lives but haven’t quite succeeded including Stinging Nettles and Spinach !  This talk lasts for around 50- -60 minutes depending on the number of questions asked.

“As always Marion has come and delivered an informative and interesting talk to our garden club with this new overview
of some examples of i
nfluential plants in our day to day lives “

(Bishop Cannings Garden Club, Wiltshire)

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