I am able to be able to source plants from reputable wholesale nurseries and specialist plant suppliers according to the agreed planting design for your garden.  This means that I can pass on any trade discounts I am able to negotiate and generally provide you with larger plants for your garden development budget.


This can be a stand alone service or may be as a follow on activity to implement a garden planting design or a garden planting review project.

Many tree and hedging plants can be sourced during the ‘bare root’ season (typically from November to March) where plants are obtained as field grown plants rather than supplied in pots. This will mean that you will be able to have significantly larger plants in your planting scheme for your agreed budget, resulting in a new garden (or specific borders) with more impact and creating a much more established look.

Ornamental plants are typically purchased in pots, where according to your budget we can obtain a range of plant sizes ranging from large specimen plants, to middle sized plants and then to smaller plants.

My preference is to source slower growing plants in larger sizes to create immediate impact in the garden and to source smaller plants for faster growing varieties. This will help to create a more natural looking garden, especially when it is newly planted.




Once I have sourced the plants I will deliver them to the garden for planting.  This may be undertaken by yourselves or you may wish me to plant up the garden on your behalf. Using a mix of plant sizes as described above, your  garden should begin to look reasonably mature after about a year, as you can see in the picture to the left.





For more information about the plant sourcing and planting services that I can offer, please contact me or call me on my landline or my mobile number shown below.

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