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The customer had recently moved into the property and had found that managing the upkeep of the sloping. lawned front garden was proving a difficult task.  The site sloped away from the house down to the road and also away from the neighbours gardens on either side.

Problems which needed to be addressed were to remove the need to mow a sloping lawn, which in some places was waterlogged and in others was too dry for the grass to grow successfully.

The design used a simple terraced solution, using treated softwood sleepers laid in a upright ‘soldiers style’ which were concreted into the ground to create a tiered area, including two new planting levels and an additional paved area.

The planting was based on the customer’s likes in terms of pastel colours and the wish for the garden to be lower maintenance and without a lawn,  The year round green look and feel was provided by the inclusion of evergreen flowering and scented shrubs that would not outgrow the space, evergreen climbers to help cover the neighbour’s retaining brick garden wall,  trailing perennials and bulbs to provide continuous interest throughout the year.

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