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This project is underway and we have a twelve month timetable for its completion.  The site was formerly managed by the Methodist Church but over time had become overgrown, unused and unloved.  A project incorporating several organisations in Taunton (including Taunton Association for the Homeless, the Somerset Wildlife Trust, The Methodist Church (Lisieux Way) was set up and started work in Summer 2016.

The design divides the area into three main functional zones and includes an orchard area with meadow grass to support pollinators and wildlife and to also provide an area for picnics and relaxation. A separate area for cultivating vegetables and flowers alike has been included where raised beds of various heights will enable adults, children and wheel chair users to get involved in the garden. The final area includes a pergola for shelter and to act as an ‘outdoor’ classroom, a BBQ area and picnic tables for community events and gatherings.  The design even includes a composting loo at the far end !!

The team have currently recruited many local volunteers, including several clients of TAH who are enjoying learning new skills.  We have cleared the site of brambles (we hope) and are now removing the areas of poor quality soil and gravel to dig out the areas for planting beds and new native and ornamental hedges.  The current activity is to plant a new native hedge and then to plant the Apple and Cob Nut trees for the orchard area.

If you would like to keep up to date with the progress of the project or would like to help by giving us some of your time, please email us at the Budding Marvellous site :

Alternatively feel free to turn up on any Thursday from 10am until 2pm to join us in creating our Community Garden.

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