Given these difficult times, and the uncertainty of when we can safely resume face to face meetings, I am now in the position of being able to offer my talks via Zoom. I will organise the meeting, send out the link for distribution to your club members, deliver the talk and make sure we have a Q&A session at the end.  There will be no additional costs as I have the Zoom licence.

I realise that you may feel that your audiences age profile may not be so confident using internet technology, but my experience of delivering online sessions for U3A, who have a similar age profile, the take up of my talks has been incredibly high (so much so that for all of my sessions to date have been over subscribed and have had waiting lists).

I have also delivered several talks to garden clubs and here is some feedback from Avon Organic Group:

“Marion was invited by our group to give a talk in November “Plants which changed the world – or tried to!” which she successfully transitioned online for us. She delivered an engaging presentation, wide ranging and beautifully illustrated and followed by an informal Q & A session to conclude an enjoyable session.”

If you think this alternative approach would be something your group would be interested in, so that you can continue to engage with your members in the foreseeable future, please contact me.

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